Basic Facials
  • Clean-up (15 Min.)
    A step closer towards looking fresh & beautiful. This is a basic cleanup for the face. Skin type : All skin types, Product Used : Cleanser, Scrub.


  • Insta Fair (30 Min.)
    highly concentrated herbal actives for melanin control and skin lightening. This treatment has a synergic effect that retains your complexion and makes your skin look fairer and brighter. It delivers a high percentage of actives, moisturizes your skin with a radiant glow.


  • Organic Facial (45 Min.)
    Ideal for people on the go & achieves maximum results in minimum time. By targeting your most pressing skin concerns, it brings your skin back to a balanced state with the perfect blend of power cleansing, extraction, masque, toning & moisturising with sunscreen.


  • Lightening Facial (60 Min.)
    A must have treatment for clients concerned with effects of pollution on skin. This treatment provides triple action – adsorption along with physical and chemical exfoliation and removes harmful impurities built up from pollutants that lead to premature ageing and brown spots. Leaving your skin cleaner and radiant.


  • Whitening Facial (60 Min.)
    This special facial treatment combines instant action and performance for a 100% effective result. Refreshed and recharged, your skin’s balance and vitality are restored

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